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CESA Purchasing Lists BES Security Film

OSHKOSH, WI: CESA Purchasing lists BES for 2018 School Safety Initiative

Building Envelope Solutions, LLC. (BES) is now listed on CESA Purchasing website to accomodate K12 purchases of Security Film at cooperative prices.

CESA Purchasing is a Wisconsin statewide cooperative offering $100 million in state funds through the 2018 School Safety Initiative. The funds enable new projects designed to improve K12 school safety.

The website offers a free portal for Wisconsin K12 districts and educational entities to purchase energy saving measures and projects, as well as better security measures, through vendor partners and Energy Saving Companies (ESCO).

Rob Everhart, Director of Sales of eTECH LED LLC, bridged the opportunity between CESA Purchasing and BES allowing K12 clients more opportunities to purchase security film statewide.

"This partnership includes assistance from eTech LED’s long-standing relationship with BES to provide customers less than $15 per square foot through CESA Purchasing"

-Rob Everhart, Director of Sales eTECH LED

Since 2009, BES has delivered world class energy efficiency solutions to over hundreds of school districts in the state of Wisconsin, such as Window Film and Building Weatherization. Many of BES’ energy saving solutions provide a 3-6 year return on investment, while providing additional comfort to the building’s occupants. BES directly employs and installs window film our of Madison and Oshkosh locations, by sending factory trained installation teams for a safe and customized window solution.


Standard window film provides energy savings by reducing air conditioning costs, BES offers added security and protection to loved ones with a product called Security Window Film. Today’s threats and violence near schools is a growing concern to our children; while the primary function of security film is to hold glass intact in the event of accidental breakage, BES’ Window Security Film also provides an effective barrier to violent entry. BES offers more details in the Window Security Film brochures, available online at www.energy-bes.com/BES_Security_Window_Film_Brochures.pdf.


About BES

Building Envelope Solutions (BES) is the market leader in building envelope related energy efficiency upgrades. Through its turnkey deliverable, BES also partners with Energy Services Companies (ESCO’s) to assist them in saving energy for their customers.

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